A major snowfall is predicted to hit New England again, and it is time to pull our those shovels and snow blowers. As a homeowner you need to make sure that your property is safe and clear of snow on the walkways and driveways. But did you know you might also have other certain responsibilities for clearing snow from other places?

Always check with your local town or city for where you might have to help remove snow, and remember it can be unlawful to shovel snow onto streets.

Other places you may need to remove snow

  • Some towns require you to clear the sidewalk in front of your residence
  • If a fire hydrant is on your property clear out around the hydrant for easy access
  • Clear a path to your mailbox
  • Remove snow around and from storm drains
  • Clean off snow from top of cars


Stay safe when shoveling snow

  • Bundle up, cold weather makes your heart work harder
  • Take breaks, don’t overdue it
  • Lift with your legs not your back
  • Check on neighbors
  • Clear snow and make a path for oil, propane, or any deliveries you might get
  • Make sure the snow is not covering your dryer vent and any other vent to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

Take your time and don’t rush. Work in sections and don’t fill your shovel. Smaller loads make the job easier on the body. If you feel any fatigue or shortness of breath take a break and if symptoms get worse contact emergency services. When you complete the task at hand, build a snowman! If anyone has any good tips for snow removal leave them in the comments below.