In real estate both the brokerage and the agents are running businesses. Sometimes agents get confused at this role and they allow their business to run them. They never build a brand or market themselves and they constantly jump at the first opportunity for a showing or other busy work that keeps them away from lead generation. It is strange as a broker to hear people say they are getting into real estate for a more flexible schedule and the limitless earning potential. While they both can be true they will never be true if you choose both.

Let’s face it working in real estate is one of the worst jobs in the world when it comes to scheduling. Take for instance recently I was working for a seller and the buyer’s agent sent me an offer on Friday at 4:55pm while I was at the beach relaxing. The other agent put an 8pm deadline meaning right then I had to decide on an important question. Is my schedule going to change based on this offer so I can make the limitless income potential? or Should I just relax because I am my own boss?

If you guessed I would sit back on the beach and not choose to grow my business you are wrong. Does this mean my business is running me? No it does not. It means I made a responsible choice to grow. Unfortunately in a society where we were taught to sell 40 hours a week and work Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm all too often we feel broken. When we make a decision to do anything in the entrepreneur world we are also taking a personal oath.

This oath or pledge that we make to ourselves and our families is that no longer will we struggle to make ends meet. We no longer will allow the world to lie to us, We will no longer listen to the 40 hour myth which you can read more about here.  We are now going to no longer accept terrible writers who try to tell you the 40 hour myth is we can work less. Our job is our life and our life is based on our income. Whether we like it or not money does not create happiness but one thing we can not deny is it does create opportunities.

The next question to ask yourself is how to make this new found pledge and income work for your community. When you take a great business and you pair it with a great purpose you can make a massive difference. As we move into 2021 and beyond what you do with this pledge will be the difference between thriving vs surviving. If you enjoyed this blog make sure to check out our Podcast and join our Facebook group Real Facts on Real Estate. Please leave any questions or comments in the feed below.