All the time in real estate professionals have something to say to clients for how they personally feel about the home they are selling or buying. While we are here to be the professional and give solid advice, we are not here to give our opinion. You are not going to live in the home that you are selling or buying so your personal opinion does not count. On the other hand, helping someone sell or buy a home your professional knowledge and facts are what they are relying on.

Let’s talk about this a bit further. When it comes to working with clients often the professional will talk about the proximity to highways, railways, commercial, power lines, and other factors that they personally do not like. They may make comments like the road noise is loud here or the power lines are awful close. Leave those closed-minded opinions to the client unless the client is worried about the effect on value and not quality of life. For all you know their last home could have been closer to the road or even a highway so bringing up how you feel about the road only throws in a negative feel. Doing this may be limiting the amount of sales you have and ultimately leading the way to your clients choosing to work with someone else. No one likes a negative attitude and pointing out all the bad in a house may make you feel like you are doing your job but in reality your voicing your personal opinion.

One thing I tell all my agents when training them is a good test of how opinionated you are is to go down to the local hardware store. Once you are at the hardware store walk to the wall where they display all the paint colors and look. Your immediate reaction will be to notice the colors you like and to also notice the colors you hate. You will find yourself thinking “who would ever paint a home or room that color?”. This is the type of thought process that can get you in trouble as an agent and the reality is if this “Ugly” paint color was so bad no one would buy it the hardware store would not carry it. The same person who loves the color you hate also hates the colors you love.

In life we are not all built the same and all have different tastes. There are a lot of factors that go into who we are from where we grew up to what we have been exposed to in life. Do not be a closed-minded real estate professional who looks at their own opinions as the most important thing to selling or buying a home. Start to use your professional opinion utilizing fact more often and I can guarantee you will be finding more clients who are ready to work with you.  If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to check out our Podcast and Facebook Group “Real Facts on Real Estate” and subscribe to the newsletter.