“Location, location, location” it’s a saying we have all heard and most of us agree with. The question is, is it as true as it seems. While we know everyone chooses their home by location we have to wonder. Is it the waterfront that matters, or the city, or the nature, or whatever the client says or is it the community?


There are plenty of amazing locations on the planet that are not very expensive. Why is this? What are the driving factors for one lake front property being higher than another even if their location is more breathtaking. The truth is it is about more than just location in life. We as humans look at a lot of factors in choosing where to live but one of the most important is community.


Community is a term for the collective work and life of a group of people. Community exists on all levels from a book reading club to the country each is a level of community. The strange thing we have done in life is turn our backs on certain communities. This drives home prices down and violence up. Are these two working hand and hand?

Community Reinvestment

We all are looking for affordable housing and places to live yet we black ball certain communities. Why is this? Why do we not understand that there is no “I” in team but there is in community. That “I” is you, and you can build the community up. If each one of us worked a bit harder to have a positive impact on our community and reach out to other communities we would see real change.


Collectively we could build up all locations to their greatness. While maintaining a community atmosphere is crucial once it is built it takes way less work. That means now is the time to work on other surrounding communities and to lead by example. As real estate professionals we have an amazing amount of power to build community. This very moment it is time to wake up and start thinking about how you can help your community. It is time for all people to unite as one and take this world back. If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to sign up for our newsletter, subscribe to our Podcast, and join our Facebook Group (Community). If you have any questions or would like to join our team as an agent please leave it in the comments or get in touch with us.