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As a real estate professional our industry is changing every day. Whether it be new laws to new technologies there is always some moving target of change in our industry. One of the biggest mistakes made in this industry is to become static and to think that because you are successful today it is a given tomorrow. Real estate is a dynamic industry that will continue to evolve year after year faster and faster. The need for constant studying and learning is ever present in this field.

When working in this industry it is crucial for your long-term success to continue to grow and learn taking advantage of every opportunity. In real estate we often get invited by mortgage pros, attorneys, boards, and other places to continued education and training classes. All too often real estate pros say no that they are “too busy” or “cannot afford the cost” without realizing that these events are an investment in their business. One of the most important things to realize as a real estate professional is these events must be thought of similar to marketing and valued based on return on investment “ROI” and not time or money spent.

As soon as you get into the idea of saving yourself from “wasting time” or “wasting money” you have decided to turn off your openness to learn. As a real estate broker, I am constantly training and learning so that I can take all the info and share it with my agents and back staff. I noticed in time as I did this that there needed to be better training available to everyone for free and that is why we created “Real Facts on Real Estate” which is both a Podcast and a Facebook group. This group is dedicated to making great training free and available to everyone across the entire real estate industry.

This weekend I am writing this blog while attending “Thrive” by Cole Hatter in Las Vegas Nevada. If there is one thing in common with every speaker that speaks on stage at this event is their willingness to learn and grow constantly. Each speaker keeps reminding us is it is not about doing this sometimes but being consistent and disciplined. They say not just to train and learn because you must, but to do it because you want to change your life. Once you notice that you want to you have initiated the change to grow your life to your dreams.

My challenge to you this week is to set aside more money and time for training and growth. I want you to start obligating yourself to attend more training, conventions, join more groups, read more, and invest more into yourself. We are all capable of great lives it is just a question of whether you want to accept it and whether you are willing to invest in yourself. Today is the day where I want you to notice tomorrow is never today and today is the day to make the commitment and start growing!

To invest in yourself and your real estate career join our group today!