This weekend I am headed to Alabama to take part in the Ninja Sales Training Installation event. It is always funny to me when I tell people I am going and they ask why. As a sales professional, broker, and entrepreneur training is more needed than ever. For some reason many people think the more you have and better you do the less you need training. The truth is the actual inverse.

As my company grows, so do my problems. That may sound negative but it is just being a realist. In business as we grow we run into things. The good part about training is that it minimizes the problems and risks to our company. How can we avoid doing what we do not know? How can we find more success right away without changing anything?

If there is one thing that is constant in life and business, it’s change. Being ready for change takes putting a lot of effort and time into yourself. Training events, YouTube, Blogs, Podcasts, Books, and other learning resources are well worth the investment. I suggest taking more time than ever to dedicate to working on yourself.

Investing in yourself is a big decision to make. I already know that you are aware of that or you would not be here reading this blog. For more great investments in yourself check out my Podcast, Website, Facebook Group, and Newsletter all under . Please leave any questions or comments below.