No matter what line of work you are in vacation is important to staying on the top of your game. This subject has been blogged about, spoken about, and often argued upon. No two sources seem to think the same on just what to do when it is time for vacation. The reality and most important thing to know is that there is no such thing as a fix all or a magic recipe to what will work but what is most important to think about is what works best for you. Let’s take a moment to look at two different thought processes on vacation and how they may serve you.

1)      Total Vacation

This thought process is one where you go away and completely unplug setting an email reply that you are out of the office. While this is a popular method in the mainstream corporate world it is not always easy to work. This method offers you a great deal of time away, but it can lead those who are self-employed into a giant mess falling behind both on work and client communication. The best way to come close to accomplishing this is to heavily train your team so that when you are missing it is no big deal. While the first part of training is costly and inefficient with time you will start seeing the results grow. Setting up systems is one of the greatest ways to reach freedom.

2)      Working Vacation

Working for yourself is a tough job with little reward as far as time off until you complete all the tasks at hand. The entire time you work on a real estate deal something to keep in mind is that you always need to have your full attention on the client. Lots of times a client will go silent without speaking to the real estate pros until the last second. While away I usually set aside time in the morning and late day to catch up with my work. Ahead of leaving I try to get as much done as possible as well as make everyone from clients to my coworkers aware, I am going.  Working for yourself is not always as glorious a people make it out to be so stay calm but also slowly push forward. One last thing to remember is that you need to respect the time off of your loved ones so that you do not harm your relationship.

Closing Statement

No matter which way you cut it if you are self-employed a business is like a baby in the fact that if you walk away and something bad happens while you are not paying attention there usually is no fix to the issue. Make sure to think when going away what are the crucial things that need to get done and add them to your calendar so that you do not miss doing them. Work life balance is always important but if you want to grow your business to new heights be ready to do whatever it takes. If you enjoyed this blog make sure to join our Facebook group “Real Facts on Real Estate” and also check out the Podcast.