How to prepare for showings once your home is on the market

Selling a home can be a very exciting but also stressful time. To get to that place where you’re accepting an offer is often the focus, but there are some key things that should happen in preparation to show your home.

1. Declutter 

Declutter your space so that when a potential buyer walks in your home he/she can put the attention on the home itself, rather than the pile of mail that’s gathered on your desk. Call look for any piles of paper, random accessories, or even kids toys that may have gathered in underneath the coffee table. Pick all these items up and find a home for them. If you find that they haven’t to home, create one, or if you find these items are no longer needed, don’t need them, hold on online yard sale, or simply toss them.

2. Clean, clean, clean

There is being neat and there is being clean… And there is a difference in the eyes of a potential buyer. When it comes to cleaning your home, go the extra mile. With granite counter tops, be sure to wipe them down with cleaner that is designed for that granite. If you have hardwood floors, and give them an extra shine using wood floor cleaner and buffing it up a little bit. Pay special attention to the bathrooms, making sure that there are no toothpaste splatters on the counter and that the mirrors sparkle. You can achieve this sparkle by using a streak free cleaner on the glass as well as on all chrome fixtures. Make sure you take out the trash so that the home is free of any foul odors. If you find that there are lingering odors from taking out the trash, be sure to light a fresh smelling candle to neutralize the smell.

3. Fix the small stuff

Every home has those little things that are broken that homeowners simply accept for Jimmy rig. Whether this is how the turnkey lock on the front door get stuck, to how the kitchen sink drips. A little WD-40 on the lock on the door will do wonders. First impressions matter… Remember that. Paying attention to the little things like this will show potential buyers that the home was well cared for.

4. Replace or update the lighting

When showing a home, you want to make sure that your home is well-lit.  When walking from one room to the next the light should not only be bright, but it should match. Go through your home and check each light bulb to make sure that it works, and that the lighting is soft.

5. Start packing

On the off chance that you get an offer on your home immediately from a home buyer who is looking to close quickly, you want to make sure that you’re prepared. This can happen!  You can begin doing this when you are de-cluttering your home. Begin packing away items that you don’t use every day such as seasonal items, clothing that is out of season, and appliances that you only use on special occasion. This will not only make the home look more pleasant and orderly, but will give you a head start with your moving process.

There are many more things that you can do to prepare for the showing of your home, but these are some basics that should get you moving on your way. Simplify the process for yourself by taking these first steps to minimize stress and streamline the showing process.