Are you an agent that struggles with client retention? When showing homes you show the house then can not get a hold of the buyer client? This may be a solution for you to build a more sustainable business and longer lasting relationships.

When meeting with buyers you should always be doing a buyer consultation. This is a step where you describe the process and work to get an exclusive agency agreement signed. I recommend even taking it one step further and doing a home buyer course. Whether for first time home buyers or multi time home buyers this course will help.

In the course you go over the home buying process in detail and go over each step. This process helps the buyers understand where they are at in the process. When done correctly this class can save us a lot of time and energy explaining items during the deal. It also can save the buyer a lot of stress worrying about the unknown.

A buyer course can be done for a single buyer or in a group environment. Working in a modern world it can even be done digitally. Do not forget that this is a great place to build a relationship with a trusted lender as well. If they get involved they can also help cover the costs, invite people, and educate the buyers. If you are not already offering a buyer course, now is the time to start. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please make sure to check out our podcast, Facebook group, weekly newsletter, and website all found at If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.