While some people avoid selling their homes during the holiday season it is not always advisable.  The holiday season brings limited inventory and a hungry buyer pool.  With the rules of supply and demand this can mean higher sales prices then normally expected.

There are a lot of benefits from selling during this season so let’s break them down and lay some ground rules. One major advantage is having time off work for both the buyer and seller. This means as a seller you can get your home ready or as a buyer you can get out and look on normal work days.

Keep in mind if you are selling during the holiday season to keep down the clutter. While the home may look great with all the holiday decor just be careful it does not become cluttered. One great way to deal with this is to remove and pack away more of normal life to make room for the decorations. The decor may even be able to hide your lack of normal decor.

Another benefit of this time of the year is getting more attention from your service providers. From brokers to attorneys we all have less going on during the holiday season meaning you get more attention. A smooth transaction is much easier with the attention you will be receiving.

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