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In real estate we are always facing the challenge of getting our properties sold fast and for the most money. It is interesting really the how often real estate “professionals” either A) Try to trick someone into buying a home with photos, descriptions, and other marketing/sales tactics that do not match the home. Or B) Under value a home due to a small flaw, desire for a quick sale, lack of local knowledge, or other issues that could have been dealt with better during the valuation. The truth is most people are trying to sell everyone a property that only meets the needs of certain people. One thing that will always stand true in real estate is that there is a home that works for every person.

In order to get the most money for your properties and fast the key is to get it to the most people that would desire that home. When you think of who would like this home, I want you to be very careful here. A lot of people take this and run with it in a way the violates fair housing and anti-discrimination laws.  I am not telling you to do that at all let me explain.

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Everyone has hobbies, lifestyles, housing needs, and more all leading them to the perfect home. It could be something as simple as the desire to have a fenced in back yard for a pet all the way to the need for a garage larger than the home. With needs like this it is easy to see that when we walk into the home to sell that smells a bit like pet we may want to attract the animal crowd who is already ok with that scent verse trying to fake people out by baking cookies so there is a fresh scent in the air. Why you may ask? I can tell you personally we were selling a home and the owners decided to always be heavily scented and hidden about the pet smell. After they received an offer and accepted it during the home inspection the buyer backed out due to the smell of pets.

I also can say recently I sold a home at the first open house that featured an automatic dog door, fenced in yard, and other dog friendly features with this description.

“Are you looking for a 3 bed 2 bath home with a large lot at an affordable price? You are not going to want to wait on making a move on this one. This Cape sits on corner lot with just over a half acre of land. Most major items updated including some interior painting 2019, a new roof in 2013, new windows in 2008, new water heater in 2009, new pellet stove in 2012, new deck 2011, solar added 2013, new shed in 2009, it is time to just move in. Do you have fur-babies who would love a fenced in backyard? How about an auto dog door? Can you imagine the smiles as they run freely in their new yard? This home has all you need with a first floor bedroom, large eat-in kitchen, dining room, living room, and a partially finished basement. Upstairs you will find two large bedrooms and a full bath. Outside you have a large front and back yard with plenty of paved parking. If you are looking to get into a home for the holidays now is the time to call the movers and get yourself a move in ready home!”

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The great part was everyone that came to the home loved the place and envisioned their lifestyle, needs, and desires. This is different than trying to get them to envision the wrong dream. While I will admit there is often more than one dream that works for the home I can say finding the highest and best use is always key in real estate. In residential real estate we do not do as good of a good at identifying the highest and best use like commercial real estate professionals do. Once you learn to find the highest and best use and pair it with great marketing you will now sell houses for more than ever faster than ever with people happier than ever with you!

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