With all that has gone on during the past year it has a lot of people wondering “Has the industry changed”. While the direct answer is yes the indirect answer is yes a long time ago. COVID to me has only shown a light on an area that was already changing. So why did this all happen?

Well the truth is we are already well into a major time period change from the industrial era to the technology and data era. For lots of people they have refused to believe this and therefore have refused to adapt. This means that there were a lot of people falling further and further behind the modern world. People who do not like change and have left themselves vulnerable.


After all the years this change has been going on by my guess 15-20 years now we have witnessed huge changes. We have CEO’s worth more than we ever dreamed and in a shorter period. We have less people doing and earning more. Why is this happening? Well that is failure to adapt. The problem is: now in steps COVID and in my eyes it dealt the death blow. There are a lot of companies and people who are not going to get up from this one.


So did the industry change. Yes and it will continue to change daily, monthly, yearly, and forever. This means you need to change. This also means you need to change for the future and not just today. Once you open your eyes to the idea that education is constantly needed in life you will learn to thrive. Information and knowledge are the key to finding success in anything you do.

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