As we move into July we move past the halfway mark in the year. Now is a good time to look back at the first half of the year and analyze where you are at. Taking a look at how many new leads you took in and how many deals you closed. The real estate market has been extremely busy so sometimes we lose track of time.

Taking some time to look back helps us in moving forward. If you missed on your lead generation goals you can now look at why. Ask yourself what you did that was working and what you did that was not. By doing this you can now plan for the second half of the year. Fourth of July week is always a slow week with new listings but just after this week things start bumping up again.

Remember as we get this next surge in inventory that in order to move ahead of the school year buyers need to react soon. With closings taking 30 to 45 days now is the time to strike. Most families want to move their children to the new home ahead of the school year. Getting them in a home mid August will give them time to adjust and settle in.

If you were having trouble getting offers accepted the first half of the year take a look at why. Now you can take some time to look back at offers that got denied and research the sold price. Doing this practice will help you ensure to put in better offers the second half of the year. Take all this and put it to practice and you will find a successful third and fourth quarter of 2021. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Take some time to check out our Podcast, Facebook Group, Newsletter, and website all found at . If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below.