Whether using G Suite or just a regular free Google email account there are some things that you can do right away to ensure you are getting the best results. Real estate professionals often forget how they earn their money. Often when you speak with them, they talk about the job they do and how great of a negotiator they are. Once you hear all they do one would just assume they understood the tools they have but most do not. Here are tips to help you grow your book of business and keep it under control when doing so.

Using Folders

In real estate we often need to find emails again, forward them to others, or re-download a document. By working with the folders option on Gmail we can name each individual folder to reflect things like the deal name, the address, the company name, the client name, the contractors name, and so much more. Each person has a different way of folders documents, but the key is to choose a system and stick to it. Keeping with this method will lead to a cleaner inbox and when the time arises a far easier ability to find what you are looking for. This tip takes seconds to implement so start today and notice how much easier your work is right away.


We all get junk emails from some company we never asked for it from and most of us either do not read it or immediately delete it. If you are not going to unsubscribe do make sure you at minimum delete the emails. Leaving all this SPAM in your inbox can lead to you missing new incoming emails and wasting time looking for important emails from before. To unsubscribe there are two different methods one is to use the SPAM button on the top and then choose to have Gmail unsubscribe you or the other is to find the email preferences or unsubscribe button on the bottom of the email. As you unsubscribe you will notice that slowly but surely you will regain control of your email box. One note to remember is if you wish to get an email from someone but not their newsletter instead of unsubscribing you may want to reach out to the sender and ask them to remove you. If you do not do this with most mail servers that sender will not be able to email you any more even if it is not the newsletter.

Spam Management

The SPAM folder in our email accounts is a deep, dark, and scary place to mess around. When we go into that SPAM folder we need to be really careful and only recover emails that we truly know the sender on. I would recommend as a real estate professional at minimum to go into that folder once a week to make sure no one got trapped that was not SPAM. If you do find any make sure to mark it not SPAM and then go and add the sender to your contacts or safe sender list. Warning the people who create SPAM are tricky and can spoof emails addresses, use your name, seem real, and be confusing. Do not fall prey to them if you do not know the sender and did not expect the email then do not open it or its contents. If you are unsure of an email then send it off to your IT support and ask them if it is real. If you do not have IT support then reach out to the supposed sender and ask if they sent it before you open it. Keeping a clean and empty SPAM box can ensure you never miss an important email so as you check it make sure to empty it each time.

Time To Work

Now that you know these three tips it is now time to put them to use. If you do not work for a company that provides IT support, you may want to get a subcontractor or possibly change to a new company like my company Movementum Realty who provides free IT support. The world of technology is not going away and if anything is growing faster than ever so it is crucial to understand what you are doing. If you put these three tips in to practice I know your business will continue to grow and flourish. If you enjoyed this blog and would like to join our community you can check out our Podcast, Facebook group, and newsletter all under the name “Real Facts on Real Estate” or you can join us at www.realfactsonrealestate.com. Please post any questions or comments below.