Google has recently allowed Real Estate Agents to place themselves on the Google Business Listing. This is good news. When a person searches for a real estate agent in the area you might have placed on your Google My Business page you might just pop up on the list of businesses. We have all seen these lists when we search Google for a pizza joint, or a great sushi bar.

To get started listing yourself on Google Business Pages you are first going to need a Gmail account. If you already have one that is great news. If you don’t then you are going to have to navigate your browser to and create one. It’s free and quick to do.

Once you have signed into your Gmail account head on over to and click “Google My Business” at the top and select “Manage Now”. In the top right you will see an “Add Location”, click this then “Add Single Location”. This is when we start to fill out all of our information!

Business Name

Add your business name, usually your own name. Don’t forget to add your brokerage name. An example would be “Jane Smith, Agent at Real Estate Brokerage” or “John Smith, Realtor at My Real Estate Company”. Click the next button.

Do you want to add a location a customer can visit, like a store or office?

If you are at a brokerage, have an office location, or somewhere where a client can visit you then select “Yes”. Otherwise click on “No”. Click next.

Where do you serve your customers?

Even though this does say Optional let’s fill this out now, bet to optimize your exposure. We suggest starting with your top 5 towns you like to work in. In time you can add more. Click next.

What region is your business based in?

Leave this set to “United States” unless you are outside of the United States. Click next.

Choose the category that fits your business best

You will select “Real Estate” here and agency for brokerages. If you are just an agent you can select Agents. Click next.

What contact details do you want to show to customers?

Here you can enter your phone number and website address. Click next.

Finish and Verify

You will need to verify this business listing to have it visible. There are a few options here to verify. First enter your home address. Don’t worry Google will not display this information on the listing. If you are a brokerage and clicked on the “Yes” for location this should be the same address you entered.

Choose how to verify; text or calling works the best, the mail option sends you a regular mail to the address and you type in the code back at Google My Business.

Now that you have a verified Google My Business page you can start adding in photos and a head shot as your logo image. You can add in some hours and a description. Once completed do remember it can take 3 – 5 days for your listing to start showing up.

Congratulations! You are now listed on Google.