Now that more and more real estate agents are relying on video to show a home for buyers or to post on the MLS for sellers you have a few options to help out. We are going to gear the first couple of gadgets to using your cell phone as this is going to be the easiest, but the last gadget will be an all in one device that will do it all.


To get started and the easiest of the bunch is a bendable tripod. You can attach your cell phone and bend the legs to set it down for still shots. This will take away the blur that most of us get when taking photos because we inadvertently move the phone before the camera has had time to finish. You can also bend the legs straight down and hold the phone more comfortably when shooting video.

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This is a more advanced gadget over the tripod. A gimbal can be weighted or powered and make your movements through the home more smooth. It can eliminate the quick jerks from side to side and help with leveling off the camera when you are moving. A gimbal does take some time to get used too but once mastered your videos will be smoother on turning and eliminate walking bounce.

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All In One

Don’t be fooled by the size. This little powerhouse combines the quality of a GoPro camera and the professionalism of a high end gimbal. No need to hook your phone to this device, it will record what you point it at and give you the smooth videos almost like a professional would. The most expensive option on this list, but will pay for itself quickly.

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