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Do You Want To Sell Your Home For Top Dollar? Then Hire a Real Estate Professional!

There’s plenty of information available online for For Sale By Owner, or FSBO, especially about the home selling process. In turn, many homeowners begin to wonder whether they can sell their house on their own and if it’s faster and more cost-efficient rather than hiring a real estate agent that is licensed to do it themselves. The answer is no surprise: It’s not.

All those HGTV shows and helpful articles make it look so easy or maybe you’re already started the process and already are a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) and are thinking, this isn’t so bad.

However, it’s important to remember one important life lesson, just because you can do something yourself doesn’t mean that you should, especially when it comes to selling a home.

So, here’s some food for thought when you’re asking yourself – what makes a real estate agent so invaluable?

Behind The Scene

What Does a Real Estate Agent Do, Anyway?

Real Estate agents are licensed and experienced professionals in the field and they do everything from preparing paperwork to negotiating the price and terms. On top of all that, what many home sellers forget is that a real estate agent’s job is a lot of behind-the-scenes work.

When you hire a real estate professional, you’re not only benefiting from the agent’s intimate knowledge of what’s happening in the housing industry, you’re also working with a professional legally bound to work with your best interests in mind. These are just of the essential tasks that you’re hiring an agent to handle on your behalf:

  • Researching recent comparable sales to determine the best price for your home
  • Spending their own time and money to market your listing
  • Promoting your home through their network of contacts and the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
  • Coordinating showing appointments and open houses to attract potential buyers
  • Responding to inquiries about your property
  • Writing counteroffers and filling out required disclosures
  • Representing you during home inspections
  • Acting as a mediator between all parties
  • Making sure that the transaction is on track and is meeting all deadlines

For Sale By Owner

Isn’t It Cheaper to Sell My Home Myself?

The one factor that throws homeowner’s off about hiring a real estate agent is the fact that they have to pay them a commission. Working without a real estate agent will certainly save you a few thousand dollars on commission, but you have to be careful there’s always a catch.

Road to ownership

If You Go Down the FSBO Road

If you decide to go FSBO, you won’t save as much money as you think. You might not even save money at all.

If you sell the property yourself then you will have to spend your own time and money to invest in quality photography for your listing, purchase marketing materials, research which home improvements help get potential buyers through the door and place an offer, and list your home on the MLS, just to name a few.

Keep in mind that this all assumes that you have done your homework with the comparable properties in your area that have sold and you price your property correctly, manage to entice more than a couple of buyers with your marketing efforts, investigate whether interested buyers are actually qualified to purchase your home, make the necessary repairs so no red flags surface during the home inspection, and don’t make a costly mistake involving disclosure forms or the contract!

Real estate agent

If You Work with a Real Estate Agent

Since real estate agents are licensed professionals, they are experts at handling all the details of your transaction. They will help you avoid costly mistakes, negotiate the best price and terms for your property, and ensure that it sells for the right price.

Working with a real estate agent will save you time, money, and potential issues that can arise during the entire process.

What's next

Okay, I’m Convinced — What Do I Do Next?

Movementum Realty wants to help you sell your home quickly and for the best value in the current market. We’re more than happy to share our wealth of resources, including staging tips and a home evaluation through our comparative market analysis. So, give us a call and one of our agents will reach out to help you get started!