Working as a real estate agent we have an amazing opportunity to help our friends get wealthy in real estate. We are constantly watching the market and know when we see a good deal. The longer we work in the industry the more great contacts we build up and the stronger our network becomes. From lenders to contractors we tend to slowly but surely know someone for each piece of the puzzle. 

When done correctly we can make everyone around us wealthy. By finding good mortgage people we help people save money through great rates. In return we end up sending that mortgage professional business based on the way they handle our clients. They then see how serious we are about being a fiduciary and working in our clients best interest so they send us their referrals. If there is one thing that can grow your business the quickest it is referrals. Working hard and proving you put the client first helps people trust you for their referrals.

As this business continues to grow then you have those same clients wanting you to sell their past purchases and help with future ones. The cycle keeps going and growing. The more honest and hard working you are the fastest it continues to snowball. The best part of being in real estate is when it is done right everyone is making money together through the great network we build. This both ensures you and your clients work together harmoniously. 

Remember in real estate we do not do this for that type of relationship as it is illegal. We want to build this network purely off of working with the best. Trusting people who get our clients the best rates, best service, and put the client first. Once you put this network together you can feel a lot more comfort sending out your referrals. I hope this helps you grow your network. Please check out our Facebook Group, Podcast, Newsletter, and Website