On Instagram without spending a cent you can have a great story going with a captivated audience that checks in on your feedwall on the regular. If you do a good job of mixing work with pleasure you can attract the right crowd to grow your business. This simple app can set you apart from your competitors showing you in all the action of life and business. Remember when trying to create a lifestyle and personal brand it is important to keep to the 80/20 rule with 80% of your posts being personal and 20% being business. While taking part do not forget to use all the features of Instagram including but not limited to stories, IGTV, wall feed, hashtags, dm, tagging, gifs, etc. One other note is that you can engage other members by commenting, sharing, liking, and engaging them direct through DMs. Try this method and you may be surprised at who will reply back!


LinkedIn is a great place to engage with other business professionals and share your business life with others. Often on LinkedIn the content can be longer and a lot more to the point of business. This social network is perfect for meeting new people and expanding your referral network. In business most people worry directly on how to gain new clients and forget to build up a good group of trusted professionals to exchange referrals with. Keep in mind people are very approachable on all these networking sites and it is not weird to reach out. On another note keep in mind on LinkedIn that people can see who visited their page so do not be the behind the scenes stalker and instead engage the person right away.


Facebook is currently a massive supplier in free ways to reach out to an audience. One of the newest tools that is gaining popularity quickly is running groups. Groups are great because you can attract an audience with similar interests and act as the moderator. As the person in charge of the group it is easy to become the authority in a subject. Being the authority is going to get people to trust you more without even having physically met you. When working on Facebook keep in mind to always have your profile public and make it very clear where you work and what you do. In the about you section of your profile make sure to have your work included there. Do not be a ghost and make people guess at what you do this is a great free way to tell them.


Throughout the internet there are unlimited ways to get out and advertise yourself for little to no money. The common excuse of I am not sure of what to do or when to do it is over with the amount of content like this out there to help guide you to success. Inaction is the biggest killer to most people’s marketing campaigns so do not overthink the start and just get moving. Once you are moving you can now learn to track what goes on and analyze the data but without starting there is no money to do more. Market yourself online today and reap the benefits tomorrow it is that quick and easy. If you are looking for more real estate related info join our group “Real Facts on Real Estate” or tune into the Podcast.