While I mostly write about real estate and how to win in real estate related businesses. Some of the things I teach can be used throughout any industry, or better yet throughout life. Learning is something that is an investment in yourself. Learning has exponential growth possibilities in life. Just simply learning one quick thing that saves you 10 mins a day saves you 1825 hours in 30 years doing it. This is the exact reason why the most productive people never stop learning. With YouTube, Blogs, Podcasts, Google, and so much more there is no longer an excuse.


Watching what others are doing in any industry is important. Are you seeing them stay the course or are they changing plans? Did they run a certain ad forever or did they pull it? Why are they doing these things and avoiding others? These are all questions you should be asking yourself if you really want to win. You need to think R&D as in research and develop but more importantly pay attention on how to rip off and duplicate. Sometimes as a pioneer it is necessary to be the inventor but often as they say, “you do not need to reinvent the wheel”. Progressive thinking is important in every aspect of life but sometimes all you need is already right in front of you.


If you ask the right people questions, they will give you all the answers. Make friends with your competition and be willing to ask them questions. I have found over the years some of the best concepts and ways to win have been through conversations. Not always does it need to be your competition, it could be anyone just learn to listen. As humans we all are wired to have self-love and think we know everything. The risk with this is it means we listen less than we should. In the future I think I have two eyes, two ears, and one mouth so I should use them accordingly. By listening and watching you can save yourself a lot of growing pains and win more often.

Take Risks

Fail forward period. Far too often the words “paralysis through analysis” fall into play. In a world where we grow up with helicopter parents it is harder than ever to take risks. While I am not promoting wild and ignorant behaviors, I am saying without taking some risks you are limiting your success. If you have read this blog and are already doing the other three things then chances are you understand your risks. All the most successful people you see in life through taking chances fail the most often they just do not dwell on it. The more times you take an opportunity the more times you take on the possibility of risk. If you want to grow, learn to take on some good risks right away. Do not let getting burnt once stop you from learning and growing.

Real estate and every other industry have some common concepts but they also all have variants. Learn, Look, Listen, and Take Risks are common to every industry and life. If you simply implement them the right way your business will grow. If you enjoyed this blog, please make sure to subscribe to our newsletter and podcast. Also make sure to join our Facebook group they are all named “Real Facts on Real Estate”. You can also visit us on the web at www.realfactsonrealestate.com. Please leave any question or comments in the feed below.