Business is about the rise and fall

With the summer rushing right by we are coming into the fall marketplace in real estate. For most people this is a very busy season often followed by a slight winter lull. The fall call be a great time to close a lot of deals and tuck aside money for the more challenging times to come. The question here is why are there challenging times to come?

I know the old excuse is people do less in the winter and the market slows and that is why my business is slow right now. I am here today to say do not let this happen to you! In life it is always easy to allow others to enable us to be unsuccessful and to allow ourselves to accept excuses like the market being slow. The truth is every year more and more opportunities are building up in the winter and here are just a few reasons why.

  • As diversity rises in the United States, we have more people who celebrate all different holidays which means the old days of no one working on Christmas or time off for Hanukkah is a thing of the past
  • People change careers like we change our clothes now. Back in the day people spent their lives at careers and now they spend the time it takes to reach the next level and move on. This means more cooperate relocations which are happening year round.
  • As people have access to more data, they are realizing some times less competition in the market place means selling for more money or buying for less.
  • With modern day equipment and more people using moving companies worrying about uncovered trucks to move or snow removal equipment to clear the roads is less of a concern.
  • Let’s face it the world population is rapidly expanding and so are the number of home sales transaction per year. Someone is getting all this business!
  • Pets In Fall Real Estate

One thing I have always noticed in the business of real estate is the best always are working on having a full pipeline. Most real estate professionals do not do this and suffer from a cyclical business where they take in lots of business then take it to the finish line. Only after this rush do they then look for more. What this leads to is a lot of business in the two rushes which are spring and fall and slow times in summer and winter. Here is where we can learn to expand our businesses out to 365 days a year being successful.

It is time to build a book of business instead of focusing so much on how to perform the transaction. We all must all learn our job is to be a lead generator and the sale is the bi-product of success. If you focus on this, work in a great CRM system, and segment your leads you can entirely change the way your business runs. Instead of looking for the leads that are wanting to close in the next 3 months or less only you will learn to focus on every lead. Whether it be that one time mention from someone you know of selling a house coming up or the person who says I need to buy now. You will learn to focus on writing it all down in your CRM and following up accordingly.

In a business where we get so busy with so many leads it is crucial to have a digital brain and not rely solely on the bodies brain. With a “digital brain” (CRM) we can manage an unlimited amount of leads if we are putting in the data as we get it. What this means is instead of working all the ripe leads only now you are working the leads like a farm. This includes starting with the leads even if they are no better than an unplanted seed and then growing them all the way to a fruitful harvest. We still pay great attention to the ripe ones but now we are making sure we are planting new leads throughout the year, so every season is harvest season. The new age of business is here, and it means fewer agents will take up more of the industry! Are you ready to take on the technology era and grow to new levels? Make sure to join our Facebook group “Real Facts on Real Estate” for even more great free training.