As a real estate agent it is often we are questioned on our commission. For some agents this is easy to defend versus the naysayers and for others it is not easy. I wanted to give a few tips this week on how you can add some value. If you are still stuck on just opening doors and giving tours then this is the blog for you.

Having a good contractor list that you can refer people to is one great way to add value. While you need to be very careful only to give out good names this can be an added value. Often buyers and sellers need work done around the house. Connecting them with people who do good work can help you build rapport. That said, be very careful not to connect them with bad people.

Staging advice is another great way to add value. It may be you that gives the advice or maybe you subcontract a professional in. Staged homes sell for more money than non staged homes and the clients will appreciate that. Simply reorganizing a house or going full in and staging an empty home is a great way to add value.

Sending sold data and market statistics from your MLS provider is another great way to connect. Agents forget how much data we have compared to public facing portals. Most agents set their clients up for on market property searches but this other info is great. When you offer a client things no one else is, you are adding value.

Remember being an agent is about adding value for our clients. It is now time for you to start thinking about your business in a value add type of way. Think how you can make your clients’ experience better and more memorable. When you do so you are going to increase the number of referrals and repeat clients you have. I hope you enjoyed the blog. Please make sure to check out our Podcast, Facebook Group, and blog at for more free information on growing your business. Leave any questions or comments in the feed below.