They are three programs that we have used since the beginning of using a computer. Reports, letters, names and addresses, mailing labels, visuals, the occasional out of order sign, sorry we are closed, 10% off today, the list goes on and on. Back then you had to shell out a pretty penny for Microsoft Office to give you the best three programs on the market, unless you had a student discount. Today, yes it’s a bit cheaper, but there is a good alternative that is free.

Google has a suite of online apps that give you the same look and feel of what Office has to offer. You can save to the drive which is basically your own cloud storage, share a document with someone via email address, and collaborate together at the same time on the same document. Your documents are protected on Google’s servers (that is of course unless you have shared the document itself), and can be accessed and edited on any platform including mobile.

Google Docs   

Docs is Google’s version of Word. Same easy layout, all the functions you would expect including saving to the drive or your computer in multiple formats including PDF. Adding photos is easy, just add it to a document from your drive or your computer. 

Google Sheets 

Sheets is Google’s version of Excel. Spreadsheets can easily be created in Sheets. Most of the formulas you know from Excel work in Sheets, some have a slight change to them. Layout and feel are very similar.

Google Slides 

Slides is Google’s version of PowerPoint. Same layouts, same creation of slides. Sheets even has speaker notes so you can note down what you need to say. Layouts are very nice and there are many to choose from, including blank to design your own.

To use any of the free document services from Google all you need is a gmail account. If you already have one they head on over to your browser and go to From there just type in Google Docs, Google Sheets, or Google Slides and you will get a link to go over to the service. Sign into your gmail account and your off! If you do not have a gmail account then head on over to and create one. It’s free! Then you can enjoy the free document apps yourself.


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