It is common when looking at homes for people to want the most for their money from a big home to a large lot. The question that lots of people fail to ask themselves is are they prepared to take on the extra work of having a big property. Having a yard and outdoor space is the ultimate dream for most people. Whether it be taking your dog out for a walk or just hanging with friends in the yard great memories are made out there.


One major factor in a yard is the size of open and finished space. Some lots have big groupings of trees and unmaintained areas while other lots have perfectly manicured lawns and patios. I know the choice may seem clear in the sweeping lawn and patios, but the reality is all this area needs to be kept up. That leads to the next question which is if we get this huge lawn am I ready to take on the work or will I be hiring out and if so how much does that cost. Buying a property that has the correct size yard for your lifestyle will protect you from overspending while making sure you live your best life.


Depending on where you want to live the pricing of having a yard can go from very affordable to only for the super wealthy. In New York, New York you most likely will not be getting any outdoor space unless you have a terrace or a rooftop area. When you head out to the suburbs and beyond that is when you start finding properties with more outdoor space. Knowing what you need can certainly help you decide what location you should choose based on your budget. As they say location, location, location which means the best locations fetch the highest money.


While all yards may look the same from the top, they are not all created equally. Some may have large rocks while others are only sand. Some properties may be dry all year and others may be flooded and unusable. It is important to know what we intend to use the land for in order to know if it is the right place. Take for instance you were looking to install a pool you would not be able to do so in wetlands or in an area with rock ledge not allowing you to dig. The same thing applies if you are looking to do an addition on the home. Knowing your final use is how you can ensure you are getting

What to Buy

Ultimately the most important to think about when you are looking to buy a home is exactly what you are going to use it for. The second most important thing is how much can you afford. The third would be how much work are you willing to take on. Owning a property is a great experience and will create some of your best memories in life. If you enjoyed this blog make sure to tell your friends and come back next week for even more.