In times where inventory is low agents tend to make crazy moves. One that has been happening recently is the failure to allow for showings. Some of this is being done because of bad judgement calls on when to allow showings. They make the choice to limit it to 2 days of open house. The problem is not all the showing denials are because of that.

Really bad agents lurk out there looking to get more “in-house” or dual agent deals. They will not let other agents show the home to hope to take both sides. Not only is this wrong and really annoying to great agents looking to show the home. It is a violation of MLS Rules, Realtor Code of Ethics, Massachusetts Law, and your listing contract. Steering and pushing people to dual agency is a major problem. It is an even larger problem if it is an undisclosed dual agent role.

The best thing we can all do for both each other and our clients is to go back to normal showings. While we needed to at times limit things for the protection of the home owners health that is no longer the case. Now that the world is opening back up it is time for agents to open back up the schedule for showings.

Always keep in mind it is our job to be a fiduciary for our clients. The best way to best sell someone’s home and get them the most money is to get the most people through. In times like this we all need to pull together. If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to check out the Podcast, Facebook Group, Newsletter, and website Please leave any questions or comments below.