Are you technologically ignorant?

Technology In Real Estate

When it comes to real estate there is a new word that is being used and abused and leading to worse client relations than ever and that word is technology! With the quest to be first in tech companies are forgetting where they came from and the importance of great client relations.  Technology is something we as real estate companies can use to create better client relationship than ever but most often people are getting the wrong ideas and are letting it come between them and their clients.

Robot Automation


Automation is a great advancement in business and technology that allows us to take tasks that happen repetitively and allow the computer to do it for us. While this saves us time and money it sometimes can make the transaction feel less human and personal. The key to working with automation in real estate is to make sure that it is nearly impossible for the clients to know where it is being used. One thing to think about is how to ensure the person working the deal knows exactly when and where automation is being used so that they can work with the automation and not against it.

Snail Mail

Email Lists

Emails have gone from being one of the best ways to get in touch with clients to a giant pile of annoying spam. The issue is with the ease of mass email created by companies like MailChimp and Constant Contact industry professionals have stopped paying for standard mail and moved to SPAMMING people’s email boxes. When looking to create a newsletter or email there are several things to think about. Does it add value? Did they sign up? Are people reading it? Is it creating interactions? If you are not able to say yes on all these then you should not be sending it. If you think to yourself if I got this in my mailbox would I throw it in the trash and the answer is YES than do not send it to clients. Once someone unsubscribes from your email box often it is too late to win them back over as a client for the future.

Text Email


One of the newest trends in tech is text message broadcasting. This is simply a disaster and being used far to often. The problem with this is the reason everyone is using this is the reason they should not. Broadcast texting has come about based on the fact that everyone checks their texts right away and companies know this will get the message to you. The problem is this is it is a breach of trust and disrespectful to the person who gave you their phone number. If the person opted into the text than it may be ok and just make sure to limit how many go out and ensure to add value each time to keep them relevant. Overall this practice can seriously erode relationships between you and your clients, and I would not recommend jumping in on this trend. While tempting I think it crosses the border of respecting the persons privacy. Also keep in mind this practice can get you in trouble with the CAN-SPAM act so make sure if you are using it you have you opt outs, check the DNC registry, and follow all the laws.

Closing Statement

While I love tech and think it is crucial for us to stay on top of it I think it is far more important to value client relationships and respect them. Technology can help you grow your business and relationships to new levels when used correctly. When thinking about adding a new tech to your real estate business make sure to think long and hard about the pros and cons and what it will mean to client relations. In an ever-changing world there is one constant in real estate and that is the need for great relationships with clients. If some new tech helps save time but hurts the relationship you are best to not adopt that technology and looks for others that help save time and build relationships. If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to check out our podcast “Real Facts on Real Estate” and join our Facebook group.