In a market like we have had for the past 12 to 15 months one thing I have noticed is extremely lazy agents. I will look at listings with little to no information filled in on the MLS. They will have cell phone photos and little effort taken. It is almost as if they think listings sell themselves. Is this true?

The truth is during a busy time a listing may sell itself in the idea of it getting sold but it certainly did not get the most money or the most offers. Marketing your homes as an agent is an absolute must. Not only is it in your listing contract it is also in your best interest. Quickly landing listings and putting them on the market is fine while the market is hot but what happens as it changes?

The truth is often listings act as a silent interview. Potential home sellers look at the local listings and think to themselves whether they would list with you or not. They look at the quality of the presentation and make a decision based on what they see. While you might sell that one home quickly and get your paycheck as the market shifts do not be surprised when the market dries up.

The other thing you will be missing out on is the marketing opportunity to meet unrepresented buyers. Buyers come out to look at properties they like. With little to no info and terrible pricing how many buyers will show up. The desperate ones will come or the ones with agents pushing them to look because they want to land a home for their buyer but few curious ones will show up. This is not only a disservice to your seller but also to yourself.

Remember listings are a massive opportunity to grow your career. Hanging signs is the fastest way as an agent to grow your business. I hope this makes you think twice the next time you think to rely on a listing to sell itself. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please make sure to check out our podcast, newsletter, Facebook group, and website all found at . Please leave any questions or comments below.