A lot of you out there probably think you are a whizz kid with digital marketing.  The truth is a clear picture does not mean a clear call to action. Knowing what you are trying to convey when taking a picture is more important than what you are taking a picture of being in the center of the lens. A true digital marketing expert is passionate about the product they produce. Here are five tips to take your digital marketing game to the next level. 

  1. Learn how to set the mood for a good shot with proper lighting.
  2. Learn how to convey the message you want to the client.
  3. Pay attention to the length of your messaging. Long winded does not always mean best. 
  4. Remember your message is not for you it is for your potential lead.
  5. Think about where you are posting your content and make sure it matches your demographic desires. 
  6. Interact with people who respond to your messages. A viral fan is always helpful.
  7. Double checking your work before you post it, having errors can be embarrassing.

While this blog along will not make you a better digital marketer I am sure it brought up some great things to look into. We all need to be able to digital market in the real estate industry but know when to hire a pro. Not every job should be shot with a phone and some require more professional tools. Working with a great digital marketer will get you notice. I hope you enjoyed the blog and please make sure to check out our website www.realfactsonrealestate.com to subscribe to our blog and newsletter.