Our Tool Box

When touring homes one thing all buyers notice is that one place can fade into the other place once you leave and are trying to think about the homes you toured. Not to long back in real estate we were stuck to just quick want ad style advertisements to sell homes. Now with the computer world we have an arsenal of new tools to help the buyers have a better understanding of what they have seen or a better reason to tour something they have not yet been out to see. With how busy everyone in the world is and how advanced our tools are now it is not uncommon to work with clients who have never physically stood on the property they are purchasing. In this blog you will learn about three great tools everyone should think about using when selling their home.

Digital Floor Plans

On some listings you will now notice not only great descriptions with room sizes, but they now will even have digital floor plans. Digital floor plans are a great way for the buyers to picture what they would do with a room. Digital floor plans can help us make sense of the overall layout of the home when we are not currently at the home. A good digital floor plan is going to show where all the windows and doorways exist so you can plan what to do with your new space. Make sure if you are listing your home for sale that your agent is going to be using the power of digital floor plans.

Video Tours

One of the greatest tools to come to the home tour is the video walk through. At first this came about as a bunch of photos stuck together in a video and with time it has gone to a place where you can digitally walk around and zoom in on anything. Video walk through tours are a great tool to get a buyer immersed into the home without ever having set foot on the ground. The video can also act to jog the buyer’s memory on what they say when they visited the property. When choosing how to create a video tour the best thing is to think about which method works best to sell the house at hand. Sometimes a 360 degree tour is needed and others a simple video walk through will cover enough. One thing that is for sure is choosing a brokerage that understands the value in showing your home this way is going to get you the most showings and ultimately money for your home.


Drones and real estate have become an everyday thing. At first drones were big and heavy and took poor quality photos. We now have hit an age where something that fits in your hand can take 4k video and mind-blowing photos. Drones are a great way to show off everything a property has to offer. Another great thing that drones can show off is a properties proximity to other things such as the ocean, a lake, a park, or some other local attraction. While drone video and photos are a great selling point knowing when and where to use them can save you from some of the potential pitfalls. The agents at Movementum Realty have been pairing with FAA licensed pilots since drones have become popular.


In a world where homes compete online to sell it is crucial to hire a brokerage who understands the needs and ways to stand out. While we are all stuck at home learning to shop online for everything from toilet paper to houses, we are learning quickly that some companies do not understand digital marketing. If you are looking for a brokerage that knows how to make your house stand out in any market please reach out to Movementum Realty and we would be happy to pair you with one of our expert Move Mentors. We look forward to digitally bringing more guests to your home than you can imagine.