Photo Video Content Creation

In the modern day we are all pushed to create content from videos to blogs there is a constant need to be creative. Often real estate professionals outsource this job only to learn one day they have been looking foolish by posting mass produced content that does not match their person. While it is important to create content and build yourself as the authority in the subject you work in, this should be done carefully. To think you can just pay someone to create for you and not proofread it can lead to your following slowly but surely leaving you or to you finding out you have been misinforming your followers.

Video Shoot

Recently I did an interview with my good friend Steve Sims and during that interview Steve dropped a serious gold nugget. In the interview he mentioned that content creation does not need to be such a challenge to come up with a topic or materials. In fact, he says think about the most recent question someone has asked you or challenge you ran into. Now that you have already figured out an answer or resolution to the issue it is now time to share it with others.  You can take this exact thing and use it as the topic for your next piece of content.

Blogging For Real Estate

Most commonly if someone asks you a question or you run into an issue this is not the first time that question or issue has arisen. By taking this and creating content about it you now have a great subject that you are very familiar with. Learning to create content on the spot like this can save you from the pitfalls of writer’s cramp or trying to over think a video script. With so many people faking it on Instagram and other platforms people crave real content that reflects you as a person.

Creative Space For Writing

Give your following the content they want, and your following will continue to grow. Answering questions or talking about situations is going to instill you as the authority in your business. When you become the authority and thought leader in any business your book of business will grow exponentially. Now it is time to take this blog and put it to action. If you are looking for more great training in real estate make sure to join our Facebook group “Real Facts on Real Estate”.