Last blog I went over getting yourself set up with a Google Business Page as an agent to be listed as a business in the areas you cover. Today I want to go over setting up a Facebook Business Page. I know a lot of agents who don’t readily put that they are real estate agent on their personal profile. I also know a lot of agents who don’t want to put real estate posts on their personal page or have a private profile. You could be missing out on landing a client.

My suggestion in these cases: make a Facebook Business Page for your real estate business. This way you can keep your personal profile private or clean of real estate posts. You can also invite all your friends to like your Facebook Business Page so that you can still be delivering real estate information. This can keep personal and business separated and you won’t feel like your being spammy to all your friends.

You do still want to do a mixture of good informational posts and your real estate endeavors, create posts that are engaging and informative, give your audience value to want to see what your up to.

Creating a Facebook Business Page

When you sign into Facebook, at the top is a “Create” button. This will give you a menu. Select “Page”.

Click on the “Get Started” button under the Business or Brand section.

Give your page a name. Use your name and don’t forget to add in the brokerage you work at. Examples: “John Smith, Realtor at Your Brokerage” or Jane Smith, Real Estate Agent at Your Brokerage”. For the Category choose “Real Estate” and add in the address of your brokerage or office if you have one. I suggest adding in your phone number even though it says optional. Click continue.

Upload a profile picture. Use a head shot for this. Let your audience get to know you by face.

Upload a cover photo. This is the bigger photo on the top of you page. It does not have to be real estate related. Make it something more personal to you. Maybe a garden photo or a beach photo.

Once you have uploaded both photos Facebook will recommend you invite some friends to like your new Facebook Business Page. Go ahead and invite at least 10 friends now to get the ball rolling. You can always invite more friends after you get the page going.

Setting up the Facebook Business Page

Click on Settings at the top of your business page. Go to the Page Info section and completely fill all these fields out as best you can. The more information here the better Facebook will list you when someone searches.

Click on Templates and Tabs. This is where we choose the way our business page is laid out. I recommend the Services template as this will allow you to put what services you offer in a tab. We will fill those out in a moment. At the bottom of the Templates and Tabs page remove any tab that you will not be using. Shop and Offers we get rid of, we won’t be using those. In time when you get over 2,000 likes you may have a service from your 3rd party IDX provider where you can connect a tab to your homes for sale. When you get to this point check with your IDX provider for further instructions.

You can now click Page at the top and see your created business page.

One last thing is to add services to the tab we have. Click on Services on your business page and add in some services. Some services you should add are Real Estate Buyer’s Agent, Real Estate Seller’s Agent, Commercial Real Estate, etc. Add as many services as you like.

CONGRATULATIONS! You now have a Facebook Business Page! Start posting and don’t just let it get stagnant. Post often, create a schedule of posts for the week. Maybe Monday put out a post of some local news, and on Tuesday put out a home buyer tip. The pallet is your’s to fill.