Listen, I know. I get it.

But with 157.2 million unique users visiting it 7.182 billion times in 2018, the numbers are really hard to ignore, and you might be hurting yourself ignoring it.


Let’s face it, in this go fast digital world more and more home buyers and sellers are turning to the internet to do their own research before even thinking of talking to a Real Estate Agent. This is why you as an agent should keep your Zillow profile up to date with all your contact information, and claim all your sales, buyer and seller sides. Your profile not only gives the user a look into who and how you are doing, but also shows them by rating and reviews how good you are.

Here is how you go about getting all that information correct on your profile and how to claim those sales to boost your profile. Don’t worry this is free.

First you will want to get an account over on Zillow if you don’t already. Click on “Join” in the top right corner of the Zillow website.
Fill in your email and create a password. Click the checkbox next to “I am a landlord or industry professional” then click submit.

That’s it, you have a Zillow profile now.

Once you are signed in hover your mouse over the “Agent Hub” and select “Profile”

Zillow gives you a list on the right hand side that you should follow getting your profile updated. Each item you can click on and it will take you to the sections that need updating. Once you have your profile photo, about me, and service areas defined you can start to add past sales.

Here is where you can add your past sales into Zillow. All you need to do is type in the address of the home you worked with the buyer or seller into the address bar and click “Add sale”. Zillow will give you a few options when searching for the eact home you are looking for. Make sure to select the correct one.

If you sale is on the list to add, make sure the information is correct and click “Add to profile”. If it is not listed the very bottom of the list you can input the sold date, price and what side you represented. Again make sure the information is correct and click “Add to profile”.

Put in as many past sales as you can, the more you can show a user that you have experience the better. Make sure you do come back and visit you profile page often to keep it updates and add your sales.