When choosing to sell a home there are a lot of questions that come up. Some of us wonder where we will go next? Others wonder what is my home worth? There is the ever pressing question of what if my home will not sell? Out of all questions there is one question that is the most important one. What brokerage and agent should I choose to sell my home?

In choosing a brokerage and agent it is important to look at some key factors. Making sure to pay attention to how long it normally takes them to sell a listing. Also checking what their list price vs sales price average is. This number will tell us if they just throw high prices at homes to land the listing and then eventually sell it for less.

When interviewing agents you must always remember the truth to pricing. The agent does not set the price of your home the market does. This means if someone just simply tells you they can get you more money you should understand how before trusting them with the sale. If they tell you they get more eyes on your home than anyone else this could increase the value. The one key factor that could stand in the way though is a bad appraisal after an accepted offer.

In a climbing marketplace pricing can be a challenge, but understanding the marketplace will help you properly price your home. Pricing is just one part of the equation in selling a home. Next would be the marketing. Make sure to pay attention to the level of marketing done. Are they taking cell phone photos or using a professional photographer? Here at Movementum Realty all our listings get professional photography and drone work. In the new digital era having an honest depiction of your home is everything.

Catfishing is a common term on dating apps when someone has a fake profile using great pictures compared to who they actually are. When we walk in a home that was incorrectly marketed we get the same let down feeling. Having an honest depiction of your property digitally will get you more showings. Having more showings leads to more chances of offers and possible bidding wars.

When you select an agent and brokerage to sell your home make sure to think of Movementum Realty. Our professional staff will make sure to sell your home for the best terms and prices possible for you. We make sure to pay attention to detail so potential buyers are impressed by your home. In selling do you need to buy a new place? Do not worry Movementum Realty agents can help you in both the home purchase and sales process. Reach out today and sell your home tomorrow! If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to check out our Facebook Group, Podcast, and Newsletter “Homeownership”. Please leave any question or comments below.