Do you feel like your house is too small? Do you feel like your stuff is adding up everywhere? Than this is the blog for you. When listing a home for sale people often think of staging as bringing in more furniture or decor to create a certain feel. While this may he true sometimes it can be the exact inverse or nothing at all. What we mean by that is some people simply need to de-clutter and remove unneeded or overly large items from a home. This works out to make a space look much larger.
Another thing that can be really easy is setting it back to best use. In commercial real estate often we hear about highest and best use but we do not often hear about it in residential real estate. If you thought in terms of best use and moved around furniture, bought some, borrowed some, or rented some to make every room the highest and best use you would fetch people’s highest and best offers.
Lastly organization goes a long way. From simply pulling everything out of the closet and putting it back in in order it all helps. The best method when selling a home is to start the purge process. Giving away items, selling items, throwing items away, and packing items you do not need till the next home can really open up space. People love patterns so shapes, sizes, colors, and types of items give you good ways to sort them out.
If you put this blog to use right before the sale of your home you are bound to get more offers and at much better terms. If you would like Movementum Realty to send one of our agents out to consult you on your home please reach out to us. Our Move Mentors are experts on buying, selling, and owning homes in Massachusetts. Make sure to check out our Facebook group, listen to our podcast, and sign up for our newsletter all under the name Homeownership. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.