Like at a card game on a winning streak most of us have a lot of money in our hands right now. The trouble is it is still on the table and able to go away with one bad hand. This is true in housing and the value of your home currently. We all can agree that currently the market is on fire and we have historically high home values.

While lots of people were thinking COVID would ruin the housing market that just did not happen. Currently COVID has injected even more buyers into the market. It also has led to a slowing of listings meaning a lack of inventory. Because of the rules of supply and demand prices are really high.

The real question we need to look at it should you cash out? Maybe your later life, in too big of a home, in too small of a home, or just not able to make the payments. It does not matter which of these categories you are in now is the time to make a move. For many people they want to ride the train up the hill with prices but then never actualize the gains. The higher the market soars the more risk you have to lose your gains to a market correction.

Movementum’s recommendation would be to meet with one of our agents who we call Move Mentors and talk with them. They can run the numbers for you and see what works best. Everything from the move up sell/buy, to the cash out now is the time to strike. Our Move Mentor will guide you through the entire process and ensure you get the most money possible for your home.

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