Super Hero in Real Estate

Working in real estate is a challenge each day with the constant need to meet due dates and deadlines. We often need to accomplish tasks and make promises that are difficult to keep. One of the best lessons that was ever taught to me was that it is OK to set realistic deadlines. One thing that is for sure in real estate is people will always be pushing you for quicker dates and more results.

In a world where you can get a ride by the click of a button or demand any song known to man within a few keystrokes people have become more and more impatient. The key to beating this impatience is to always under promise and over deliver. What this means is to make commitments that you know can more than happen so that way you are never letting anyone down and you are a superstar in their minds.

Superwoman in real estate

When setting a due date or a deadline this means if you think you can get it done by Tuesday then tell them to expect it on Wednesday. The reason for this is Murphy’s Law which is “If something can go wrong, it will” and this is truer in real estate than anywhere in life. We are so often relying on other people to complete their jobs before we can do ours that often someone else cause us to miss the deadline or due date. Not pointing any fingers here but real estate attorneys are infamous for waiting till last minute then handing agents the issue of getting deposits or signatures at the 11th hour.

If you set a realistic time goal for the clients and shorten the time goal for the colleagues working on the job you have a far better chance of success. Another place you can fail a client by over promising is during a home inspection or any other time you are trying to get the party on the other side of the transaction to do anything. When working in these conditions never tell a client that a reasonable person would do anything. What I mean by this is if something pops up bad at the home inspection never tell your client that the seller “should just” because “it is not a big deal” or the buyer “should not ask” because “it is an easy cheap fix”. As soon as we do this, we begin to pit them against one another and bring in emotion.

Superman in real estate law

The smarter person in a real estate deal always says let me see what can be done before they make a promise verbally. If you want to make someone think you are a superhero, then start with a goal you know you can reach and then beat it. There is nothing that our clients enjoy more than early news or a better outcome then they expected. The next time you have one of these situations try this strategy and you are sure to be the superhero that I know you are.

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