This past week I spent time in Alabama attending the Nine Selling Installation. What an amazing experience it was. It is hard to say what the best part is because truly it was a unique experience. It was a blend of the people, the culture, the education, the location, the Ninja Instructor, and so much more that made it so good. I am very glad I attended this event and I plan to put the training into action. 

I want to take a moment and explain how I found Ninja. Recently I was talking with a good friend and highly successful Realtor®. When I spoke with him he told me a story of someone telling him to take it and how he procrastinated. Then when he finally took it he was shocked and it grew his business immediately. This made me wonder myself so I listened to his advice and did not hesitate. As soon as I could I book an Installation in Huntsville Alabama. 

Not knowing what to expect I was excited to learn a new sales technique for real estate. When I got there it became clear to me that this was not the ordinary sales training. This excited me because we say at my brand Movementum Realty that our agents are “Move Mentors” and not sales people. While they are licensed sales people we work off of relationship based selling. Now I was ready for over 30 hours of training in four days. 

The instructor Don Tennessen was amazing. I do not easily give compliments but he was able to hold a room for sure. It was easy to see that I and 50 other people were captivated for four days straight and over 30 hours of training. Don has such a fun personality and is amazing at making everyone feel comfortable. I do not think one single question no matter how simple or complex was not answered and thoroughly explained. Each break I watched Don take on everyone’s personal questions to ensure everyone went home ready to be a Ninja.

If you are looking for an amazing way to grow your career make sure to check out some Ninja Training for yourself.

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