CRM Customer Relationship Managment

In real estate one of the most important things to growing your business is growing and knowing your contacts. This means when people call you or you are calling them you will need to know what you have talked about in the past and what you were supposed to have done by the next time you talk. The thing is, the larger your business grows the more information you are going to need to remember. So how do we do this?

The tool that helps you do this is called a CRM system which stands for customer relationship management software or as we like to call it here at Movementum Realty Client Relationship Management Software because we never treat a client like a customer. The key to working in a CRM is to make sure you are CONSTANTLY entering the data as you get it. The CRM system may seem complex from the outside at first but when you start using it you will notice how easy it is and soon enough you cannot imagine working without it.

Real Estate CRM Experts

The first function of your CRM and most important one is the contact manager. This is the place where you store client data such as names, phone numbers, emails, notes, and so much more. This contact manager is like a modern-day Rolodex on steroids! The key to making your business grow is to know everything and anything about your clients that they have told your from where their kids go to college to their pets’ names. This all can be easily accomplished by entering the data during and after any conversation. The nice part of this is as you grow a team you will never need to update team members on who your clients are the client database will have everything, they need to take the contact and start running. I recently did a podcast were I talk specifically about this function check it out below.

As you continue to work your way through the CRM the next function you will want to put in place is the lead management system. With this system you can classify leads and they create automated rules so that each time you sign into the CRM it will tell you the next steps to take on your existing leads. This means you can deal with phone call leads different then zBuyers and different then Facebook leads which means you will be treating each lead the way it should be. When you set the lead statuses correctly it will then send you tasks which as you complete them will track your notes and actions on every lead ensuring none of them fall through the cracks.

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Once you master the first two functions the next most important function is the deals function. Working with contacts and leads soon enough you will have a deal or better yet multiple deals. A great CRM system like we have here at Movementum will tell you the next step to do on each deal so you never feel like you could miss a step. This is all done by automatically assigning tasks to you as the deal processes along. By having this amazing oversight you will always know where each deal is and if working with an admin or team member you will all know right where each deal is at any given time.

While working in a CRM you will learn to rely on the ability to have a task list that tells you exactly what to do next with each lead, contact, and deal meaning you will be becoming a contractual genius. As you work your way through your CRM you also will find many other helpful tools. Here at Movementum Realty we have a fully customized CRM that allows for lots of other powerful functions. Some of the functions we use are

Calendar Planner Organization Management Remind

-Calendar which syncs with all other calendars like Google and Iphone

– Drive which works like any other cloud storage device

– CRM Marketing which acts like Mailchimp or constant contact as well as helps run ads on Google and Facebook

-Telephony which acts as a phone system for our office

-Messenger which allows video and text chat within the office

-Integrations which allows us to reply on Facebook or Instagram right through our CRM

-Activity Stream which acts like a Facebook feed wall within the company


We can work in all these functions and so many more without leaving this program which means we eliminate the need for multiple sign ins or learning lots of other programs. Being a contact genius is not easy as a regular human, but it is very easy when you have a program that helps you. If you want to learn more about our program or how to make a program like it for yourself, please reach out to us directly and we can help.