In a market as crazy as it has been for the past 12+ months it is easy to get confused about what our fiduciary duties are. For some reason in the back of most agents’ heads is the idea they are there to get the buyer into a home at a discounted price. While it is our job to get it at the best price possible, not always is it at a discount. This means when the market is up we will need to guide our clients on over asking price offers.

If we just simply tell them to offer a crazy high number without doing our research then yes that would be a breach of our duties. That said if in a rising market we give them bad advice in the name of saving them money we also have let them down as a fiduciary .Remember if the market is climbing and your bad advice makes them miss a home the next home that comes along is going to cost even more. Also you are then the reason that they need to continue renting if they are in a rental.

The best thing we can do in such a wild market is to do our research and understand the market as much as we can. We can instruct our clients to put their best foot forward when making offers. The more we do this the higher the probability of getting their offer accepted.

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