Often as sales people we go from busy to slow in a cyclical way. This can be very risky to the budget of running a business. The main reason I see this is the inconsistent marketing efforts made by real estate professionals.  Most of the time they only market when things are slow.

Marketing and growing need to be a constantly when working in an industry where you only get paid to close. If not you risk having a deal fall apart and your entire check evaporating into thin air. When you constantly market you will always have fresh leads coming in. If you do not see a steady stream of leads you are doing something wrong and need adjustment.

Remember in order to find success you must first try. It is OK if your efforts do not always work because it teaches you what not to do. Those who fear failure never move anywhere. They call it paralysis through analysis. Do not let this get a grip on you or you may fail to get out of it. Learn to fail forward each time.

Here are three actionable steps.

1) Ask yourself why are you in a rut? Is it you that is causing this or someone else?
2)  Now what are you going to do to change it?
3) Document what you do and get an accountability partner to ensure you stay on track.

Now this will not fix everything but it is a great place to start. If you find the issue to be broker related please reach out we are hiring both new and existing agents as well as brokers. Did I mention our agents get leads 7 days a week through company provided sources. The time to take action is now. Own your life and control your future. If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to check out our Facebook group, newsletter, website, and podcast Real Facts on Real Estate.