Being a one percenter in the modern day has come with a negative connotation of being a rich person that has too much by the public’s opinion. That is not the type of one percenter I am talking about here but, if you act like the type of 1%er I am talking about you will end up like the other. It is no secret that along with success comes health and wealth. The key question on everyone’s mind is how I work better and earn more.


The first thing you want to avoid is not making forward motion or as they call it “paralysis through analysis”. Most people when they are thinking of taking a new challenge on, they tense up and never move forward. These same people are always waiting to perfect their craft before they launch it. Today I am going to tell you why this is the wrong method. It doesn’t matter who you look at in business there is always a need for forward movement.

How You Can Start Being a 1%er

Start being 1% better at anything every day. This seems like a simple task right? Let’s break this down a bit in a scenario.

Example Goal To Get Better At: Create a Video

Day 1 video created is 1% good 99% poor

Day 2 video created is 2% good 98% poor, and so on…

Day 100 video is 100% good now look what happens

End of year 1 recording video now it is 3.65 times better or 365%

End of year 2 video is 13.32 times better or 1,332%

End of year 3 the video is now 48.62 times better or 4,862% better than the original video

Simply put

1-100 in 100 days is easy and with this type of growth there is no limit to growth other than the effort you are willing to put in. Originally, we got only 1% growth each day till we crossed that 100% better mark and then through exponential growth we now are growing faster than ever. Can you imagine that in only 3 years we are 4,862% better than we were the day we started 1,095 days ago? I hope this motivates you to find the beast within you for business. If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to check out our Podcast and Facebook Group “Real Facts on Real Estate” and also subscribe to the newsletter.