In a world where competition is so tight to get clients we are all looking for ways to stand out. We try dressing nicer, acting cooler, creating more content, and marketing more all with little success. The truth is maybe your system is old and outdated. Like an old wardrobe maybe it is time to move to the next level.

Virtual Meetings

Instead of waiting to go show your client the first home they would like to see as the first time to meet, start setting up a meeting. No matter whether it is a first time home buyer all the way to a multiple transaction repeat client a little face time never hurt. Get comfortable with getting in front of your clients more often in person. I know this may not seem like an in person but this is the new in person. Offer value in these meetings such as market reviews or home buyer/seller classes and you are sure to win your audience.


Back in the day projectors were expensive and endlessly cutting down trees for paper was OK. No longer do we want this to happen and now we are in a digital era. When we look at paper there is not lighting or motion. When we have a computer hooked to a projector our work comes alive. The next time you go on a CMA or meet with a new buyer wow them with your presentation. This projector is sure to project that you are the right choice for their transaction.


Storing things on a drive is all the rave. So people have issues with finding documents and they ask people to repeat send. Working with someone that is organized makes our lives easier. When other industry professionals enjoy working with you they will refer you to more business. Never think that you are not being judged by others, they are always judging you. If you impress your peers they will be the driving force behind your continued success.


Being a true professional means looking at every aspect of your business and wondering how to grow. We are not perfect but if we analyze what we are doing and look to do better we will certainly grow. I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and hope you will go check out our Facebook group and Podcast Real Facts on Real Estate. You can find everything on