Every seller dreams of receiving an offer with no home inspection contingency. No matter the quality home there is some sort of feeling at ease by skipping this step of the process. It is similar to the heart drop we all feel when we see blue lights in the rear view. Even if not for us the momentary heart attack adds stress. This is the feeling sellers are looking to avoid by not having a home inspection. 

That said while it may seem like the perfect offer it is all about making it to the closing table. Here are a few more things to think about along the process. If a person only had 15 minutes to view the home and make an offer with no home inspection it has them feeling that same feeling the seller was looking to avoid for themself. It leaves the buyer wondering what if? Would something have gone wrong? 

Now in the future the buyer asks to come in and measure or is sending out the appraiser. Now that they buyer is already on their heels what happens if something goes wrong such as a low appraisal. This buyer with their tense stomach now needs to make a decision on having given up their home inspection and a low appraisal. What we see happen sometimes is they then walk away no matter what is offered when it comes to the miss. 

The market is a complicated place out there now more than ever. Do not go at real estate unrepresented during these unprecedented times. The greatest question that could go unanswered till too late is how much money or time did I lose by not using a pro. Movementum Realty would love to help you buy or sell your next home. Reach out to us and we will have one of our Move Mentors help you.

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