Professional Photography Selling Homes For Sale

We all know the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words. In real estate the pictures can be worth thousands of dollars or even better yet the ability to sell. When selling real estate in a digital era the photos are the first impression of the property. When hiring a real estate agent to sell your home looking into other homes they have sold in the past can tell you a lot about them and the photography is one of the most important things to look at.

Photographer Photograph Photo Photography Concept

At Movementum Realty we always use professional grade photography to ensure our properties are best represented. It is all to common for agents to think because they have a fancy cell phone that takes good photos that they can save a buck by taking their own photos. This is a funny thought since if they think cell phone cameras have come such a long way then how far must real cameras have came? The truth is new cameras are amazing and come in so many different shapes and sizes. A real photographer carries multiple cameras, lenses, and flashes to ensure every situation has the right equipment.

Bad snow photo of home for sale

The difference between the two are clear especially once loaded on to a site where people are comparing properties one to the next. Some other things that a professional can bring to the table is the artistic eye to take the photo from the correct angles. As a paid professional the photographer is willing to take the time to create a great shot knowing what works for every size and shape room. This all leads to a much higher quality presentation to sell your home.

Top Ten Photo Tips
Some other quick photos tips we recommend you follow

1)      Have exterior photos match the current season.

2)      Never mix photos together that clearly are from different years.

3)      Never take a photo of an open toilet.

4)      Never take exterior photos through a window or screen.

5)      Make sure the photos lead you through the home like a tour.

6)      Always have the photos be an honest representation of the home.

7)      Prepare for the photos by staging ahead.

8)      Turn on all the lights in the home and open the shades.

9)      Have all photos properly sized the same.

10)   Maximize the amount of photos on your listing.

On our Homeownership Podcast we talked about using good updated photographs to sell your home, as well as the best ways to market your home. Listen to our podcast Proper Representation of a Home For Sale below. Click on the image to visit our Homeownership Podcast page and look for us on your preferred podcast platform including iTunes, Google, Spotify, and TuneIn.