With a pre-approval letter in hand, you’re armed and ready to start searching for your new home! 

Of course, the home search has its ups and downs, but you’re not alone in this experience. We’ve listed just a few of the big moments that all home buyers have gone through during their home buying process.


  1. When You Search for the First Time

It’s very easy to go online and search for a home with your price range, number of bedrooms, and neighborhood that you would like to move into. It’s fun to start getting excited to scroll through all of the undiscovered options, especially because your new home is out there waiting for you!

  1. You Make a Day of Driving Through Your Favorite Neighborhoods

You begin to start driving around your favorite neighborhoods and make it an event every weekend to start looking for homes. The weekend is always the the best time to get in as many open houses as possible and don’t forget to ask your real estate agent to schedule a few private showings for the properties that you would also like to tour. 

  1. Falling in Love with Several Homes

You start envisioning yourself looking through the windows, entertaining in the kitchen, decorating the living room, and exploring your new neighborhood. With so many options out there, it’s highly likely that you’ll find more than one home that you could see yourself in! Enjoy exploring all of your options, but make sure that if you’re torn make a pros and cons list so that it can help you decide on the one that you really want. 

  1. Make a “Must-See List”

Keep your must have’s list of homes short! Now that you’ve seen a handful of properties, each new home is starting to look just like the one before it. Trying to keep them all straight one after the other is something that all new buyer’s experience. It helps for you to take some pictures or take a video on your phone so that you can remember the special features that you don’t want to forget for the one’s that you really liked. This will help make your decision a bit easier. 

  1. When Your Favorite Home Goes Off the Market

Another buyer just placed an offer on your favorite property and it was accepted before you could even call your real estate agent for a showing, or worse, the home goes off market just before you’re about to make an offer. In an active market, sometimes you need to act quickly — so make sure to have your pre-approval letter ready and only take the night to think about your decision. Sleeping on it is always a great way to take some time before making an offer! 

  1. When a New Listing Hits the Market

This property has everything you’ve been searching for, and it just showed up in your inbox! You scramble to schedule a showing, make an offer, and thank your real estate agent for signing you up for email alerts. After what seems like a long search process, the end is finally in sight. 

  1. When You Still Don’t Understand the Closing Process

Even though your agent explained everything that happens after you make an offer, you’re still confused about some things, especially when it comes to all of the legalities that are involved. Remember, you’re not alone in this process, we’re here to help. Ask us any questions you might have. We’ll provide you with the answers or direct you to the specialist that will be able to help answer all those confusing questions. 

  1. Moving Into Your New Home

Finally, the day is here! All those days spent researching neighborhoods, cancelling plans to go to showings, and going through the entire home purchase process have paid off. It’s time to get ready to move in and start a life in your new home! 

We’ll Help You Find Your New Home

Buying a home is a very exciting experience and we’re here to help you every step of the way. Our agents can guide you from the beginning of your home search and getting pre-approved to the closing table. Just contact us at Movementum Realty to get started!