In real estate the industry has its ups and downs. Usually following the seasons increasing with the return of spring, flattening a bit for summer, heating up again for fall, and slowing throughout the winter. From seasonal swings like this to constant dates being to late in real estate is a recipe for failure. Always working from behind on deadlines is a broken method from the start so here are five things that you can do to avoid realizing it is too late.

  • Winter Marketing

When It is the holiday season everyone markets to their clients and most of the time rather generically. They send out greeting cards and gifts because this is what society tells us to do. Then right after the holiday season is over the marketing goes flat-line without any further messaging till spring. My advice is to use this downtime to stand out. Use ideas such as sending a late holiday card and tell them you were not late but actually the first one this year. Get creative with your marketing and find reasons to reach out. This also is a great season to invite people out to meetups at restaurants as client appreciation events. No matter your marketing choice do not let it hibernate the winter away or you will be too late!

  • Under Promise Over Deliver

When setting due dates and deadlines for yourself make sure to be honest. No longer do you need to tell people unreasonable timelines for contracts or other real estate related items you can now be a professional and give real timelines. It is better to say something will be in by Wednesday and turn it in on Tuesday than it is to do the contrary. By setting realistic timelines we can make the entire process of working with us more enjoyable and ensure we are never late.

  • Watch Your Deadlines

Make sure when working in deals that you are watching the deadlines like a hawk. It is all too common in real estate for the deadline to be sprung on the unsuspecting client last minute. This is far from being and industry professional. Whether it be that you get an assistant or use a CRM to keep you on top of things one thing you never wan to be is late with a contract. By being on top of this you will notice that you put a lot of your client’s stress at ease.

  • Friends and Family Whoopsies

What is this you ask? Well often when we are socializing with friends and family, they drop a hint that they are thinking of buying or selling in the future. While we are there talking, we acknowledge that they will be need help in real estate and we can help, but here is where we drop the ball. Most of the time the next day the industry professional feels excited as well as confident that when the time comes that family member or friend will reach out and buy or sell. This is dead wrong! From this point forward you must treat them as a normal lead and stay on top of them to keep their business. Never treat a friend or family deal any different than you would a normal lead in fact you should nurture it even more. By doing this you will ensure you are not the one too late in learning that they used another real estate professional.

  • Time Is Money

In real estate one thing that is a pet peeve of mine is people who waste other people’s time. Keep in mind time is the one finite thing you have in life and can not get more of. When working with your time protect for what it is “Your most valuable commodity”. That said keep in mind other people should and do feel this way too. When making appointments on time is late and late is fired period! In a world where we are meeting with people on the regular both clients and colleagues alike it is important to value their time. There is no quicker way to be too late with a client than to show up late to your first meeting. Show up early for everything you do and you will never be too late.


Being too late can have many meanings but most of the time it is synonymous with you lost. If you start to be timelier in everything you do in real estate, you are bound to see immediate results. If you enjoyed reading this blog, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Please also make sure you check out our Podcast and Facebook Group “Real Facts on Real Estate”. If you have any questions or comments please post them below.