Listing a home in Covid-19

As Covid-19 continues to hold its grip on the world one thing that is hanging on well in all this is the volume of buyers in the real estate market. The vast majority of lower and middle priced home in every market are selling quickly and still getting multiple offers. That said getting to the end line and closing for some buyers has not been as easy. In some cases the buyers have even been some losing their jobs. This has led to opportunities for other buyers to move into the space of the buyer who lost their job. What does this all mean as a market and why is now the time to sell even with this all going on?

High Market Is A Gamble

  1. We are in an undeniably high market. Prices over the past several years have been rapidly increasing leading to the high values we have now. While if Covid goes away quick and the market slingshots back we are ok the reality of that happening is low. In the world of a betting person would you rather sell now in a high market or wait and see where the market heads. If you wait it leaves two options one feeling remorse for selling for less than you could in the future or the other wishing you sold before the drop out. For some people it is worth the gamble for other people the answer is clear. No matter what if you sell in todays high market you can know you got a great value for your home.Lack Of Inventory
  2. Currently there is a massive lack of inventory on the market. What this means is buyers are snapping up all the properly priced properties as soon as they hit the market. Selling in a low inventory market often means naming your price. As supply and demand has always said when demand is up and supply is low prices will be high. Right now, with low inventory you can demand the terms and prices you deserve for your home.Spring Flowers Sell Homes
  3. Spring market has always been the hottest time to sell. No matter what is going on in the world in the spring people get that urge to make moves. From spring cleaning to moving the spring is the time to take action. The other great part of spring is with all the flowers, green grass, and pretty landscapes it easy to show off the homes curb appeal. There is no better time to sell in the year than the spring market especially with historic low inventory.

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