As we fall into the last few weeks of December our newest contracts close in 2021. It is now the time to kick it into high gear to make sure we are ready for the year to come. I know a lot of people use the holiday season as a great time to kick back and relax but I myself do not. I love the thought of working hard while others sit around. 

Imagine yourself on a marathon run. You look around and everyone else for some reason is on a break. As you continue your momentum you see them all falling behind. While in this moment we can often forget to keep pushing as hard. The next time you see your competition taking down time make sure to put your own work into double time. 

The holiday season is a great time to get a lot of different parts of your business in order. Client follow up and appreciation is easy at this time of the year with holiday cards and gift giving. People are often home so it makes it easier to get a hold of those hard to reach people. Just keep in mind when working this season it is about the long game and not the short game. Do not expect immediate results; the time tables will vary.

I think one of the main reasons people give up at this time of year is because no one really just jumps up and goes. This is the time to build the rapport so when it is time to choose a real estate professional the choice is you. Real estate is a long game and making sure you play it right can ensure your success. If you enjoyed this blog make sure to check out our Podcast, Facebook group, Website, and newsletter Real Facts on Real Estate. Please leave any questions or comments in the field below.