December is the time to reflect on the year and start to make your new year resolutions. Why not make some goals for your home as well?

Follow our handy month-by-month home organization planner that can help you reach your goals without making you feel overwhelmed. 

January: Declutter

After the holiday season celebration, take some time to tackle any clutter that has begun to accumulate in catch-all spaces after you’re ready to put down the Christmas tree and Christmas lights. This can help you keep your closets organized and tackle two birds with one stone. 

February: Create an Organization Plan

It’s a good idea to take this time to create a list of tasks to complete weekly and monthly. This list can include indoor and outdoor maintenance as well as fun tasks like decorating.

Try to make this a team effort by divvying up the tasks to other family members so that it feels less stressful. 

March: Deep Clean Your Home

Spring cleaning is just around the corner. For now, just focus on the most used areas with higher traffic like the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, and living room spaces.

April: Show Off Your Green Thumb

Spring is here! This is the best time to start planting. Focus on the outside of your house this month by doing a spring cleaning on your lawn and plant flowers, succulents, and low-maintenance plants.

May: Focus on the Kitchen

This month will be focused entirely on the kitchen! Begin by decluttering the drawers and cabinets, organizers, deep cleaning the stove, and repairing appliances if necessary. This can also be the time for you to update lighting, paint or deep clean the backslash on your kitchen. Don’t forget to deep clean the refrigerator and cabinets too! 

June: Focus on the Bathrooms

This time let’s focus on cleaning and decluttering your bathrooms. Take some time to check the cabinets and dispose expired prescriptions or toiletries. Make sure that you also deep clean the toilet, sink and bathtub. 

July: Organize the “Junk Storage Places”

Take some time to try and find a new home for the items that have accumulated in junk storage places.

You can use drawer dividers, wooden trays, and small containers to appear like a well-organized space. In doing this approach, you will also find that there’s lots of items that you no longer need and can throw away or recycle.

August: Organize Mail and Other Documents

You might have junk mail sitting on that corner of your counter top for months, we’re all guilty of doing this!  So first, discard any junk mail that is contributing to the clutter, then sort through the rest of the papers in the pile.

It’s a good idea to create a way to effectively manage your mail and other documents, such as a binder or a filing cabinet. Make sure to shred documents with your private contact information that you no longer need.

September: Reevaluate Your Summer Closets

The end of Summer is approaching so this is a great time to sort through your wardrobe and figure out what you didn’t wear this season. Make sure to donate your clothes to a local charity or sell them at a yard sale.

October: Reevaluate Your Organization Systems

If you’ve had trouble sticking with your organization plan, take this time before the holidays to pick up where you left off. This can also be the time to take a look at your bedroom placement and consider re-organizing your furniture placement in order to make it more convenient or clean under those areas that you were originally unable to reach. 

November: Pick Through Your Holiday Decorations

The holidays are approaching again! This is the time to go through your holiday ornaments and other decorations. Keep the ones you use most often and discard any that you have either not used last season.

December: Focus Once Again on the Kitchen

If you’re entertaining this season, focus on cleaning and decluttering the kitchen once again. Your guests will now be able to appreciate all your cleaning efforts throughout the year, when they your decluttered and clean house. 

We Can Help with Your Home Organization Goals

Whether you would like to buy or sell, we’re here to help you with everything you need. Movementum Realty will provide you with even more homeowner tips and resources so that you can organize your new house without feeling stressed and overwhelmed so that you can enjoy the holidays!