Storm Damage Power Outage

With recent storms knocking power out more often and longer than ever it is important to learn to work right through a power outage. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to grow your business with your phone while the whole rest of the world is at a stand still.

Phones Are The Life Blood Of Work

  1. Always ensure your phone has a full charge before the storm.
  2. Make sure to buy the best car charger and cable there is that enables fast charging.
  3. Buy a battery bank so that if you can not get power you have a backup source to charge your phone.
  4. Check with your provider to ensure your plan allows tethering so when the power goes out your internet does not.
  5. Make sure to have an unlimited data plan so that you can work right through the storm.
  6. Set your email account up on your phone so that your emails are going there.
  7. Use your phone to check in on your social media account reminding people you are still working during the outage.
  8. Call past and present clients to check in and make sure they are ok during the storm and make sure to have referral sources ready for tree companies, roofers, heating companies, and other emergency services.
  9. Set your phone to power saving mode, do not use the flashlight, do not play games, dim the screen light, and use all other power saving methods to ensure your battery last.
  10. Call the people that have been the hardest to get in touch with since they will probably have the day off and time to talk on the phone.

Lighting In The Night Sky

Dealing with power outages can be stressful for most people but if you use this quick guide you may even land another deal while everyone else is quite simply waiting for the lights to turn back on. Never let bad weather make you take the day off these are the days where you can get ahead. If you found this guide helpful you will love our Facebook Group “Real Facts on Real Estate”.